Jan. 12th, 2012

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Things have been going relatively well lately, despite the massive clusterfuck that was the beginning of the month.

Work has been alright for the most part. There hasn't been as much drama, but I've been in toys pretty much every shift, so maybe I'm just missing it. I prefer it this way! My d-day is coming off next month and I'm seriously thinking about going for the connection center position. I'll still be able to help out in photo, but I desperately need a change. Plus, it's a lot more pay, and I'm really going to need it soon.

Nate and I are getting our own place. He needs to get his Firebird on the road and I need to get my car fixed. Hopefully his dad will finish putting the axle on so I can get the rest of the parts. I think most of it is just minor things now, but I still need to switch the tires from the Mazda to the Honda. We're thinking of either getting a place in Rustburg or Altavista. Rustburg is closer to his work and would be better on gas for him, whereas Altavista is where I work and better on gas for me. Ehh. His parents mentioned renting the house out to us while they find a trailer. We'll see.

I haven't really had much contact with my family lately, except for a few phone calls. I told Mom about Nate and me getting our own place and I think she wants to come too. I don't know how to say no, that I want it to be just us on our own. I feel bad about it, but it's what needs to happen.

Christina randomly asked if Nate and I wanted to come watch her boyfriend and his band play on Saturday. Soooo I think we have plans (if Nate will get off Star Wars, hahahaha).

I am exhausted, so it is bedtime for moi.


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