Jan. 5th, 2012

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This week has been pretty horrible.

Let's see... oh yeah, I got into a car accident on Tuesday. It was my fault (failure to yield right of way at stop sign) but I swear if that chick had hit her brakes at all, we wouldn't have been in an accident. She hit me going 55mph. The Lumina seems to be in good shape--her Kia only tore off the plastic part of the bumper. I think there are some paint scrapes, but that side is fucked up anyway from when Theresa backed into it.

I called out of work because I was so jittery and a crying mess that I couldn't even think about driving over half an hour to work. And today I was supposed to be at work at 8...woke up at 8. I freaked out and called work and Keith calmed me down. Ugh, idk what I'd do if I had another ZMS. He's so good to me. ANYWAY, today, I told him I'd work on my day off (tomorrow) to make up the hours. Sort of suck, but I definitely need the hours. I only had 29 to begin with!!

And then today, I went to Exxon in Altavista to get gas. I went inside and paid first, came back out, put the nozzle into the gas tank, squeezed, AND GOT SPRAYED WITH GAS. WTF. I didn't even realize it at first until I felt it hit my hand. I freaked out and told the lady at the register what happened and she said "Oh yeah, we had that problem the week before." UHHHH.... that kind of thing is highly dangerous! Jesus! She said she wrote a letter to her manager, but god damn, you'd have thought they would have done something after the first customer bitched them out. I thought it had something to do with the accident and I thought I had broke the gas tank lmao, but it was just the pump. I got gas on my new coat :(

Nathan got me into Star Wars: The Old Republic. It reminds me so much of Mass Effect, I love it!! I am staying away from interacting with other players, though. I like to pretend it's on Xbox hahaha.

And speaking of Nathan! Things are going really, really well. I can't even explain it, it's just so good. We had a really long talk the other night and I think part of him feels that the reason he never got his car on the road after Savannah dumped him was beacuse he was depressed. And now he's not and he's taking charge of his life again. I like to think I helped things along. Ahhh, I love him.

Anyway, enough rambling. Later dudes.


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